Introducing LotusScript Support with the new aveedo Version

LotusScript can now be taken over by aveedo and used directly by the aveedo web applications. Due to this expansion, the modernization effort for Notes Client applications is again reduced by several times.

Aveedo, the platform for the modernization of Lotus Notes / Domino applications, was probably already the fastest way to bring applications to the web browser and to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The layout and the user interfaces have already been automatically converted by aveedo into responsive web apps, and @Formulas were translated automatically, too.

For extended business logic in LotusScript, manual work was required, such as replacing complex workflows with aveedos graphical workflow modeler, or moving LotusScript to JavaScript with the aveedo side-by-side editor.

For the vast majority of applications, the usability of the existing LotusScript means another 90% less required effort in average.

With the new aveedo version the aveedo Migration Wizard is now able to transfer existing LotusScript and automatically transfer it into a version of aveedo. For example, classes that can normally not be run server-side can be converted into new aveedo classes, as well as references to other libraries are correspondingly recorded and adapted.

Combine existing LotusScript with new JavaScript

When calling a web application with LotusScript, aveedo can then execute the code on the Domino Server. Existing LotusScript functions can be combined in aveedo applications with new JavaScript functions so that the full feature variety of aveedo can be used.

Of course, there are system-constrained limitations at one point or another, and for performance-critical and heavily used applications, we recommend that you continue to translate the business logic with the Workflow Modeler and / or JavaScript to bring performance, maintainability, and flexibility to the highest level.

But for the vast majority of applications, the usability of the existing LotusScript means another 90% less required effort in average to translate the business logic, and the aveedo product team is working hard to further improve this value.


IBM recommends aveedo for Notes / Domino App Modernization

At this year’s IBM Connect Conference in San Francisco IBM revealed new information about the future of Domino. They emphasized that Domino will receive further development and updates and also further investment by IBM.

“We know from conversations with our clients and partners how many customers rely on Domino to deliver key business process and situational applications”

Ed Brill, IBM

Beside the vision IBM also presented solutions for current problems. One of those for sure was the modernization of Notes / Domino applications.

In this context aveedo was highlighted and recommended as one of the top 3 solutions for this challenge. Among the 3 recommended solutions, aveedo is the only one with an automated UI transformation, while still providing for full flexibility with regards to custom UI and API requirements.

Below you can find the keynote slides from Ed Brill:

You can find the partner recommendations on Slide 29.

Links with further information:


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aveedo at the Cognitive Business Summit 2017

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Two IBM Champions 2017 at We4IT

Two IBM Champions 2017 at We4IT: We are happy to announce that our CEO Stefan Sucker as well as our colleague Oliver Busse have been announced by IBM as IBM Champions again for 2017.

IMSMO – IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook

The IBM Domino mail server supports not only the Notes Client: For quite some time Domino has already supported several other mail clients. Now, Microsoft Outlook is one of them.

8th SUTOL Technical Conference

We4IT is lecturing at the 8th SUTOL TECHNICAL CONFERENCE which takes place in Prague this year. Over 200 people are being expected.

We4IT establishes partner network

We4IT is building a new network of partners for aveedo, focussing on the national and international market. The number of IT experts who are familiar with the aveedo business platform is growing.

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