Recently, the Aveedo version 6.0 was released. As part of the update many features have been revised and some new ones have been added. Below is an overview of the most important changes and innovations.

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Recently the Aveedo version 5.8.0 was released. With this update many functions were revised and some new ones were added. In the following you will find an overview of the most important changes and new features.

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As of January 15, 2019, We4IT will not longer offer regular support for all Aveedo versions prior to 5.3.1. We4IT recommends a migration to a current Aveedo version to affected customers. For this change, we are happy to assist you together with our partner network.

If you have questions, you can contact us here.

Version 10 of IBM’s Domino server is in the starting blocks – and even before the official launch on 09.10.2018, the business platform Aveedo is ready for the future: With the award of the “IBM Domino 10 Verified Solution” badge IBM has confirm the Aveedo business platform as a verified software for operation on Domino 10 servers.

„This credential recognizes the recipient organization’s achievement as a partner who has developed a software solution for a line of business or industry which runs on Notes and Domino 10. The software solution is fully compatible with IBM Domino v10 and optionally with IBM Notes v10. This partner provides full support from planning to post implementation for customers using IBM Domino v10 with their solution.“

Provisions of badge assignment


Not only, but especially in the financial environment, compliance with security rules and legal requirements by software plays an important role. For this reason, the Business Application Platform Aveedo has undergone an approval process in accordance with “Proper Maintenance and Inspection of Data Processing” (OPDV) and has been approved by arxes-tolina GmbH.

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Recently the Aveedo version 5.3.0 was released. With this update many functions were revised and some new ones were added. In the following you will find an overview of the most important changes and new features.

Import & Export of individual Applications

Until now, you could only export complete Aveedo instances with all applications. But from now on you are also able to import and export individual applications. For example this is useful when transferring a single application between a development and a production environment. An export will generate a ZIP file containing the application you selected for the export previously, which you can then easily import back into Aveedo.

Revised Migration Wizard

The Aveedo Migration Wizard transforms existing IBM Notes applications into responsive web applications in a highly automated process. We have comprehensively revised the Migration Wizard and reduced it from five to three or two steps.

  • Step 1 – General settings: In the first step, select the application that should be migrated and decide whether to migrate only some or all views and forms. You also store some information in this step, such as the application title. Select all views and forms to go directly to step 3.
  • Step 2 – Select forms and views: If you only want to migrate parts of the application, you can select the corresponding forms and views here.
  • Step 3 – Done: Carry out the last final tasks and save the application icon, a more detailed description and the start view to that should be opened when the application is launched. Executing the “Done” action migrates the application and is now available in the browser.

Automated Translation and Multilingualism

In a globalised world, languages should no longer be an obstacle. Therefore we have significantly expanded the language management in version 5.3.0. Now translations can not only be created for the entire system but also for specific applications and instances.


Thus, the translation of terms that are used in different applications with different meanings can now be adapted individually. And with the new automatic translation function in Aveedo Designer, the actual translation is a breeze:

  1. Select the original language and the target language.
  2. Trigger the automatic translation and adjust / improve individual translations as required.
  3. Save translations.

Saving a new language allows users to select and use it in their user settings. If an application is not yet available in the selected language, the system automatically switches to the “default” language the application was originally created with.

If you only want to make optimizations in a translation, the typeahead search now supports you in finding the desired text passages quickly and can correct and save them directly. There is no easier way to translate applications into additional languages.

New Aveedo Theme

Aveedo 5.3.0 also includes the new Aveedo theme. Please note our corresponding news article:

As part of the further development of our Business Application Platform, we are introducing the new Aveedo today. IT combines advanced functionality with attractive design and simplified usability for end users and administrators.

The new Aveedo Design

Aveedo New Theme 2

Aveedo now shines in new splendor. We have redesigned the design of the default theme to provide a fresh and modern working environment. The backend design has not changed, so experienced Notes / Aveedo administrators and developers will still find it quick and easy to use.

The Aveedo Center

Aveedo Center Launcher 2

In order to make the distribution and administration of large numbers of applications and instances as easy as possible for our enterprise customers, we have created a completely new area in Aveedo: the Aveedo Center.

The Aveedo Center combines convenient administration features for administrators with a completely redesigned launcher that allows end users to easily access the apps they need even from many Aveedo instances and thousands of applications. The applications can be filtered by category and external services can be linked as tiles. Recent applications are highlighted and the search function allows users to find all applications in the shortest possible time.

In the following video we show you the new design, the Aveedo Center and the launcher in detail:

With Aveedo, Lotus Notes / Domino applications can be easily used in the web browser. Many companies also want to integrate their applications into social business solutions, bundling all relevant information in one central location.

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LotusScript can now be taken over by aveedo and used directly by the aveedo web applications. Due to this expansion, the modernization effort for Notes Client applications is again reduced by several times.

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At this year’s IBM Connect Conference in San Francisco IBM revealed new information about the future of Domino. They emphasized that Domino will receive further development and updates and also further investment by IBM.

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