Aveedo Infrastructure-Options

Aveedo offers you several options for your infrastructure design. You decide for yourself whether your mission-critical applications should run locally, in the cloud, or on a hybrid system. In addition, Aveedo supports various constellations of application server and data management.

This makes Aveedo a  future-proof solution for your existing business applications.

Aveedo SaaS

You simply want to use your applications as a service and no longer have your own infrastructure? No problem, we also offer Aveedo in a SaaS model.

For you, this means less costs, more focus on the relevant business processes and still a reliable application landscape.

Data Storage

You can store your application data both in the proven IBM Notes / Domino database structure or in relational databases such as MS-SQL or Oracle.


Operate Aveedo either on an IBM Domino server or in the near future on a common Java application server, such as Tomcat or JBoss.