Migrate IBM Notes

Aveedo gives you the freedom to choose between two migration scenarios:

We recommend the partial migration as a first step, in which the Domino Application Server remains the application server and you only migrate the frontend of your applications and your email platform. As a result you do not need the Lotus Notes Client any more.

If you want to migrate your applications completely off the Domino Server, Aveedo can also assist you to achieve this. In both scenarios, you benefit from the modernization of your applications through Aveedo.

Same Level of Security

IBM Domino is considered to be one of the safest of its kind. You do not have to do without it – the data security level will be retained.

Mobile- & Browser-Usage

All applications running on the Aveedo business application platform can be used immediately in the browser and via mobile devices.

No Migration-Risk

There is no migration risk for your data as it will only be moved to another database after the successful application frontend migration.

Migrate to Microsoft

With Aveedo, migrating from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office365 is easy. Use Exchange as a mail server, integrate your Aveedo applications into SharePoint Online sites and SharePoint Search, and take advantage of the benefits of the Office 365 Suite.

Complete Migration

You want to completely migrate your application landscape away from IBM? Aveedo provides you with a diverse, future-proof and secure technology.

The data storage in a complete migration scenario is based on relational database systems and Aveedo will soon be able to run on a common Java application server. This makes you completely flexible and prepared for any future changes.

Partial Migration

You just want to change your email platform, get rid of the Lotus Notes Client, or just migrate or modernize parts of your Lotus Notes application landscape? No problem! With Aveedo, you can choose which components of your infrastructure you would like to replace.

With a Domino Utility or xWork server hosted on your premises or hosted by us as a managed service, Aveedo can be easily operated and your data stays secure. You can use your applications in the web browser and mobile, without the Notes client.

Aveedo Software as a Service Offering

You can also use Aveedo in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model from the managed cloud, hosted securely in Germany.

In this case you do not need any infrastructure on-premises and no client software, etc. – simply use your applications in your browser or on your smartphone or tablet. We take care of the rest!