Migration of IBM Notes Applications with Aveedo

With Aveedo, existing IBM Notes applications can be made available in just 3 steps in the web browser and on mobile devices. With Aveedo’s rich features, you can extend your IBM Notes applications in a more functional way.

Step 1: Analyze

You can obtain a design analysis of your databases and a resulting estimate of the scope of a migration project by uploading your databases to our CIP portal. Applications uploaded there are analyzed extensively by our Scanalyzr.

The result is an effort estimation for the migration of the databases, for scenarios with and without Aveedo. The Scanalyzr also identifies obstacles that could jeopardize the migration of an application to a web application.

Step 2: Migration

The Aveedo Wizard transforms existing applications into responsive web applications in a highly automated process. The function of the backend agents remains the same, and business logic contained in views or screens can also be transferred automatically.

  • 1-click wizard for simple applications
  • Selective transformation in complex applications
  • Immediate availability in the browser and on mobile devices
  • Cost and time savings of up to 70%

Step 3: Optimization

With the Aveedo Designer, you can revise existing applications and create new applications in the shortest time, without having to have deep programming skills. The designer replaces the XPages programming, but still offers the same benefits – and much more.

With the graphical workflow editor, you also create complex business processes simply drag and drop and configuration.

Migration to Microsoft

With Aveedo, migrating from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365 is easy. Use Exchange as a mail server, integrate your Aveedo applications into SharePoint Online sites and SharePoint Search, and take advantage of the benefits of the Office 365 Suite.