Modernize Lotus Notes

With Aveedo, it is easy to make existing IBM Lotus Notes applications available in web browsers and on mobile devices. Modernize your Lotus Notes / Domino applications with our Aveedo components.

Learn more about application modernization in this video:



A design analysis of your databases and a resulting estimate of the scope of a modernization project can be obtained by uploading your databases to our CIP portal.

Once uploaded, your applications are analyzed in detail by our SCANALYZR module. As a result, you will receive a cost estimate for the modernization of the databases, both for scenarios with and without our business platform Aveedo. The SCANALYZR also identifies potential obstacles that could interfere with the successful implementation of the Lotus Notes application into a web application.

Take the opportunity of our free analysis for the first 10 uploaded databases!

Transform: WIZARD

The Aveedo WIZARD transforms existing applications into responsive web applications in a highly automated process. The function of the backend agents remains the same, and business logic contained in views or screens can also be adopted automatically.

The benefits of using the WIZARD at a glance:

  • 1-click WIZARD for simple applications
  • Selective transformation in complex applications
  • Immediate availability in the browser and on mobile devices
  • Cost and time savings of up to 70%

You want to see the Aveedo WIZARD in action? Then we recommend this video. Alternatively, we offer you a live demo on site or via webcast:


Optimize: DESIGNER

With the Aveedo DESIGNER, you can revise existing applications and create new applications in a very short time, and no deep programming skills are needed. The designer replaces XPages programming, but still offers the same benefits – and much more.

With the visual workflow editor, you can also create complex business processes using drag & drop and configuration.


Aveedo offers you flexible infrastructure options. You decide whether your mission-critical applications should run locally, in the cloud, or on a hybrid system.

On our detail page you can find more information about the possible infrastructure options: