Request a free Analysis

To get a design analysis of your databases and a estimate of the project scope required to modernize your applications with aveedo, you can upload your databases to our CIP portal.

Take the opportunity of our free analysis for the first 10 uploaded databases.

The SCANALYZR analyzes the templates of your applications and calculates a complexity index for the modernization with the Aveedo platform.

On this basis, we provide you with an estimate of the required effort ( in hours). On top of that, the SCANALYZR also identifies possible obstacles such as third party or .dll integrations.

Proof of Concept

Modernize and build your first applications with Aveedo. All you need is a foundations course, a couple of licenses and a support team to help you with any questions.

Or do you want us to show you how to modernize an app?

Then just choose one of our proof-of-concept packages:

  • Foundations Course
  • 10 Aveedo Licenses for 3 Months
  • 3 Days of Support (0.25 Hour Units)


  • 1.5 Days Foundationss Course at your offices

Have experienced Aveedo engineers review your SCANALYZR results as well as the actual applications to verify the implementation effort with Aveedo. This will give you the best possible assessment of various options and the amount of work required to future-proof your applications with Aveedo.

The SCANALYZR VERIFIED module is available in packages of 5 days each. The number of apps that can be verified per package depends on the complexity of the applications.

Your help and support is sometimes necessary to understand what an application really does. As a first assessment: The verification of a complex app takes about 0.5 – 1 days, less complex apps take about 0.25 – 0.5 days and simple apps about 0.1 days.


We transform one of your existing apps with Aveedo and afterwards we show you in detail, how we did it. The result is your first ready-to-use app that you can now upgrade with Aveedo. From here you can start with your own development.

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